This course for front shop assistants aims to develop the skill sets required to be successful in the front shop. This includes different areas of expertise such as medical, commercial and interpersonal competencies.

The ultimate goal is to make the customer feel welcome, solve his problems and provide in the majority of his needs.

This programme will set a national standard of competence for front shop assistants that will meet the needs of the business regarding excellent customer care and outstanding selling skills accompanied by the necessary commercial skills and product knowledge to improve the turnover of the pharmacy.


Who Should Enrol

This course is targeted at front shop assistants in pharmacies. 

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

Course Highlights

This course provides the skills and knowledge for front shop assistants on an entry level in three sectors of personal, medical and commercial knowledge sectors.


After completion of the knowledge section, the learner must successfully complete a multiple choice questionnaire.


To obtain the certificate of completion, the learner must achieve a pass mark of 50%.

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